2021 Spring University of Scouting Now Open!

Hurry! Registration Closes at 5:30 PM Friday, 4/16!

Note: Portions of this article were written and submitted by Jim Mogen, a volunteer on the Council Communications Committee

We are excited to invite you to the Spring University of Scouting! The event will be taking place on Saturday, April 17, 2021. Always a fantastic opportunity to learn new skills and meet other Scouters, we are certain you will find interesting classes and new resources to make you more successful in whatever volunteer roll you serve. 

This Spring we are once again offering our classes via the convenience of Zoom. Choose from over 80 excellent classes taught by subject matter experts. There are several new workshops reflecting our changing times and needs, a series of interactive Q&A sessions with Council Committees as well as a general opening ceremony featuring our Scout Executive, John Andrews, live and in-person to kick off our day. In addition, we are working to provide links to Scouting Partners and Council Committees to serve as a digital Midway.

The Spring University of Scouting is going to be your best opportunity to gear up and get ready for the coming program year and camping season. You will not find a single event with more Scouting experience, volunteer resources and new ideas all in one place.

NOTE: Because of the many logistics required for safe and secure virtual classes, registration must close at 5:30 PM Friday, April 16. If you missed this deadline, we're sorry and hope you will  plan on joining us on October 30!

For additional information to view the course catalog and to reserve your spot today visit us at: https://scoutingevent.com/250-UOSSpring2021

Interested? Learn more from A University of Scouting Dean

“Our Scouts deserve trained leaders.” This belief drives Tim Sibley, the sophomore Dean of the College of Cub Scouting.  This mantra guides him as he helps develop his second virtual University of Scouting (UofS) program this April 17. Knowing that virtual training has its challenges, Sibley and the other program Deans are designing a program that looks to meet the needs of Scouters wherever they find themselves.

Sibley is one of those Scouters that says yes when asked to help out. From being voluntold as a den leader for his son five years ago to coordinating the celebrated UofS program in a pandemic world, Sibley recognizes that you get out of Scouting what you put into it.  And, for Sibley, getting training allows him to be the best resource he can be for his Scouts.

For anyone that has attended a UofS program before, you know that training is just part of the experience.  In addition to the new tools the courses give you, the opportunity to network with a diverse group of fellow leaders goes a long way to remind us all what Scouting is all about, and to help welcome you to the Movement.  Bumping into people in the midway, and seeing people face-to-face and feeling their energy, is part of what makes UofS truly special.  So, it is a fair question to ask how we accomplish this while sitting behind our computer screens.

Sibley, his team, and the rest of UofS leadership and staff, have taken this challenge head-on.  While the virtual demands of a pandemic put some challenges to accomplishing those in-person qualities, the Spring UofS faculty are positive that improved use of conferencing technology and an innovative “6th Hour” will help attendees find ways to have a similar experience as before - just now online.  Always optimistic, Sibley believes that these new challenges are actually going to make the UofS programs better as they force the Council to adopt new ideas and to innovate the options available for training..

With the passionate UofS committee, and the talented instructors, focusing on a great program and willing to try new things, Northern Star has found a way to make the Spring UofS another successful opportunity to add more tools to your toolbox, and to offer a much needed shot-in-the-arm this Spring to fuel your love of Scouting.

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